Ty Chen

I love Los Angeles. I've been out here for 12 years (holy shit... 12 years). There are so many things to love about this city. But there is one thing I've never gotten used to... the traffic. So much... traffic... all the time. Because of traffic our shooting time was pushed back by an hour and half. Before our shoot, it was a pretty chaotic morning. I had to pick up my stylist before our shoot because the night before her (now ex) boyfriend kicked her out of their apartment. Then we had to muscle our way from Hollywood to Santa Monica. When we finally got to our shooting location, traffic was so bad that even, our model was late. We DID end up shooting pretty fast and everyone was very easy to work with (not a lot of wardrobe changes either).

Model/actor, Ty Chen had this very natural flare to his look that I really dug. Some of the photos we took reminded me a little bit of old school Hollywood. Our stylist, Sherah Jones did a great job finessing our simplistic tone. 

Model/Actor: Ty Chen

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Stylist: Sherah Jones

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Wardrobe: G-Star Raw