( the man's wallet ) awareness campaign

I was on the hunt for a brand new wallet. I wanted something that had a classic vibe and represented my style. So, when I spoke with Brett, the founder of Baurdi, I was interested to learn more about the story behind his brand and how his goods were so special. One of the interesting things about Baurdi wallets is the emphasis Brett and his team talk about how a bad wallet represents "immaturity and a lack of worldly experience." I never thought of wallets that way and but it makes sense. The way you look and represent yourself from the smallest detail of what your wallet looks like does matter. So, say hello to Baurdi -- a New York City made company, representing the sleek ruggedness of the world of man.  

"Every man has a story, and our wallets will help you tell yours."  - Brett, Founder of Baurdi.

What You Get: 10% off products when you use my special discount code: CJ10. Get your badass wallet here.