I've been thinking of ways to introduce more insight into what I do behind the scenes so I thought sharing my latest commercial with you is a fantastic start. One of my main goals with crafting this blog was to offer a bit of inspiration with my creative content and offer tips/advice for you. I wanted it to be more personal than professional. This is great and the responses I've been getting have been wonderful. But, I've been getting a lot more questions asking me to share more examples of what I do day-to-day and more examples of brands I work with behind the scenes. So, this post is to show you what that looks like. Also, if you're interested in learning more about professional work and brands I've worked with, just visit my agency's site here: www.janueljohnson.com.

This particular campaign is called "#enjoytheadventure", showcasing the brand-spanking new wireless car charger, OMNIA for a longtime client of ours, Bezalel. J+J is responsible for the visuals, marketing, and branding for the company. We always approach the tone/style of Bezalel with a "fashion meets tech", highlighting the lifestyle approach. We like striking a nice balance of highlighting users and product. We believe showcasing the experience vs a million close ups of product shots is much more appealing to people.

In this particular concept, my partner and I wanted to showcase a romantic adventure set in Joshua Tree. When we're not filming big budget projects, we typically use skeleton crews when the project allows. This makes it easier for us to be more flexible and save costs. Usually I direct our video projects and occasions like this I'm also the Photographer. I try not to pull double duties but in some campaigns it's important to maintain a consistent tone and style. I always think it's smart to hire a Photographer for video shoots. This strategy usually saves time, money, and actually helps keep the energy up for everyone. In a world where creative content is a necessity you can never go wrong with getting more quality content.

You can see the full video with a few select photos from our campaign below.

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