( heights magazine ) interview

I see that you're a well-rounded artist. What inspired you to start creating?
My entire life I've always enjoyed storytelling. Rather itbe playing roles, writing, snapping photos... I loved it all. I was always moved by certain films and television shows that I got caught up in. I always knew I was going to be a creative since the beginning of my inception.

Tell me about your experience as a producer and screenwriter. What was your biggest challenge? 
I love writing. It's exhilarating  to see your words on page be brought to life. Producing is great because you can take more of a backseat approach to things and just worry about helping put pieces of a puzzle together without the stress of being a director. The two biggest challenges that come from writing or producing are... waiting and finally getting your project off the ground. Being in the entertainment industry is a true lesson in patience for sure! I've had plenty of projects that I poured my heart and soul into, got paid for, got big named stars attached to it, that never saw the light of day. But you just have to understand the insane reality of the entertainment business that most projects don't get made. It shouldn't deter you in anyway but it is a tough reality. 

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