( exercise = success, no really )

I attended the Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival in Los Angeles for the first time and it was kind of nuts. I was surrounded by fitness freaks of all shapes and sizes and it was a great time. I have my own fitness routine but this was something extraordinary. Imagine a playground designed for fitness professionals, yoga enthusiasts, and influencers with hip hop music blaring loudly. Not my typical vibe but it’s always great to try new things. Exercising on a regular basis has a lot of benefits for all of you high-achievers reading my blog posts to find new ways to level up.

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Here’s something to keep in mind on how exercising helps you have a more successful like. When you exercise it helps with:

  • Improved concentration

  • Sharper memory

  • Faster learning

  • Prolonged mental stamina

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Lower stress

#ProTip: Take out 30 minutes out of your day to explore new ways you add a nice exercise routine to your daily schedule. When it comes to finding time to exercise a lot of people make excuses of not having enough time or energy. So, when you jot down some new ideas, make sure to keep a goal in mind of how you can exercise to have fun and cut loose a little. Whether it be a walk with a friend, hitting the gym, or even dancing the night away with your group of friends. Make sure you jot down your key goals from exercising too. Intention and goals always help you stay on course. 

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