( pacific issue ) awareness campaign

"Bootstrapped and scrappy." That's how the Pacific Issue team first defined themselves (still do, actually) when they created a company that's focused on creating the perfectly fitted and perfectly designed shirts. Their shirts are stylish but that "perfectly fitted" mantra is what sold me. The Pacific Issue team is really obsessed about getting the perfect fit for their customers and want to make the customer experience a good one.

Listen, I work with brands all the time and I feel that's one of the things that's been lacking in recent years. Too many brands focus on making money/saving costs vs. providing a great product/customer service. I never understood that. Simply create a great product. Deliver on great customer service = happy customers, thus great word of mouth... duh.

But I digress... the shirt I got fit perfectly and I was feeling those chill vibes. Check them out below and while you're at it, be sure to visit Pacific Issue here.

What You Get: 30% off your first custom shirt when you use code: CJJ0683. 



Photography by Madi Mae

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