( euro flair ) awareness campaign

I love wristbands and bracelets. I'm not too big on jewelry but, in the past few months I've really opened up to accessorizing. I stumbled onto Franco Florenzi via Instagram and was quickly blown away by their overall style. I love the sophisticated yet imaginative style they have with their products. They've been featured in GQ, Esquire, and more. So, I knew I had to connect with them. I ended up choosing the MONZA OLIVO and LAZIO CARLO bracelets. I wanted to test out the various styles and looks they had. I ended up loving them both equally like a father who can't choose which child he loves the most (it's always the younger one btw). The bracelets add a little bit of flair to my overall wardrobe which I really dig. The detail to the craftsmanship and packaging really stood out to me. This is a brand that has a great sense of knowing what they're about. Makes sense, the concept was manifested on a beach in the South West of England. Sounds sexy doesn't it? 

What You Get: Use CJJOHNSON for a 10% discount. Buy now at Franco Florenzi