( are you making an impact? )

I talk a lot about impact and what that looks like in our culture of constant change. I think it’s tough for us to see how what we’re doing makes a difference (in a small way or a big one). I for one, get so wrapped up with raising a little girl while balancing my work/life that I welcome friendly reminders that I’m doing a bit of change in someone’s life. In one way I got a reminder was from an IG follower who reached out to me and asked if he could interview me for his online blog. I was able to fit him into my schedule for a 15 minute chat. I pleasantly surprised about the amount of knowledge he knew about me and where I came from. He had been following me for a bit of time and did a lot of research. Typically, when I get interviewed these days it’s mostly about branding, life hacks, following your dreams, etc. So it was refreshing to talk about how I even transitioned into the world of branding in the first place. In case you didn’t know, I started out in the film and television. After our interview, I sat for a bit alone with my black coffee, thinking about how far I’ve come and how much things have changed. Most importantly, I was thankful that my story can inspire others to create their own story of success. Never forget… just because you may not think you’re not making an impact doesn’t mean you’re not. You has something to offer. You are making an impact.

You can check out an excerpt from our interview below.

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“Things are always much better than what you think and things are never as bad as you think. Some opportunities that you wanted, understand that sometimes things just aren’t supposed to work out. Being patient will get you to the better opportunity. Being patient is difficult, but it’s a virtue. loving yourself. Block out some time before you start your day to get prepared for the day. Do something that is in alignment with your purpose. 1 thing a day. You’ll get 365 chances to get closer to our dream. It's okay to accept that you may feel. Write down the worst experience you’ve ever had in your life, then ask yourself did you survive it. Visualize your best day. Imagine if you had everything you wanted in life on a random day. That vision should be your roadmap, your goal. Stick to that.”

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