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As my career has evolved and emerging technologies play a larger role in my workflow, I’ve been able to scale back on my client roster and become much more selective with whom I work with behind the scenes. The Influencer bit is a whole other animal by itself. But, being more selective has allowed me to free up time to be more creative, produce more deliverables, and increase ROI for clients big and small. A client in particular that I would like to share with you is a Chicago based startup founded by a squad of savvy women that have created one of the most popular men’s skin care products around. Say hello to Oars + Alps also known as “O+A”. Featured on GQ, Esquire, and quickly evolving into a well-known brand worldwide.

I wanted to write about O+A to hit home the point that whether it’s a skincare line, a tech startup, or well-known entity, it’s all about the art of storytelling. O+A has done a fantastic job of establishing itself and one of the smartest things they did was create a beautiful brand guide in the very beginning of their venture. They know their community well and as a Brand Consultant it’s one of my jobs to help them grow their message’s impact and evolve its story as they become more successful.

As the climate of business becomes more competitive I’ve discovered that I’m typically signing NDA after NDA from any industry and company regardless of size. So, I can’t spill the details about any specific strategies. But, I can share with you some Brand Ambassador type content I created here and below. Great examples of how using your versatile skillset to help your client in anyway is really effective. You always want to showcase your value in any way you can. Check out O+A and visit them here.

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