( small business roundtable )

I’m so proud to be a part of the Outsite community as the company’s key Marketing Expert. Last week we had our Small Business Roundtable and it was a blast. I had a chance to sit down and have one-on-one and group discussions with so many amazing entrepreneurs from all walks of life. It’s been especially incredible to meet more and more fans and followers in real-life. I can’t tell you how honored I am that so many of you are attending the events I post about and out here leveling up. I love it. Even you taking out your time to read this blog post means so much to me.

One of the biggest obstacles I hear from successful entrepreneurs to the ones who are still in the beginning stages... it’s difficult to put yourself out there. To be vulnerable to criticisms and failures. We all wish we could have the perfect roadmap that offers all of the answers we are looking for so we can go into each situation flawless and stay undefeated. But, if life hasn’t shown you yet… nothing works like that. So, one of the most common questions I get asked is the “how do I get out of my own head”? I can list out different strategies and techniques but honestly, every one of us has a unique perspective on life. So, I won’t waste your time offering generalities. Instead, I will offer this bit of friendly advice… accept that you will fail. In fact, do yourself the biggest favor in the world by writing out the most painful failure you had in your life. Personal or Professional. Hell, do both. Why not? I want you to write down how you failed. What it felt like. Then, I want you to answer this question… did you survive it? I know we both know the answer. Go forth with integrity and passion. You got this. 

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