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When it comes to the power of social influence and how you can leverage your value in the modern age everyone has a theory on how you can do it. But from my experience, most people just want to discover how they can use influencer marketing to increase their social value, make money, and in some cases give back to society. 

When I participated in an awareness campaign for Pledge World I was able to really present how this all works and introduce four prime examples on:

  • the future of influencer marketing

  • how to leverage your status

  • create more money funnels for yourself

  • increase your social value 

So, I’d like to take you behind the scenes so you can get a glimpse on how all of this all works. This particular project began like any other. After responding to some queries, dismissing others, I found this one from Pledge World incredibly interesting. One, I was asked to select a fear facing challenge/bucket list task and the brand behind the campaign would be paying for everything and I would be amplifying their message. 

I spent time brainstorming with my a few of my colleagues on the best approach. The thrill-seeker in me wanted to bungee jump, go sky diving or even swim with sharks. But, if you know anything about me then you know I do all of those things anyway. So, I thought a lot about my purpose in life: to provide creative solutions and share my knowledge to improve humanity in its struggle with fear and depression. 

How could I tie that into an “influencer campaign”? Well, I pitched the concept I’ve been toying with for months and that’s to create a live event that would take your online audience and have them be a part of something special… offline. There are a few fun details that separate it from other things you’ve seen before. This would be my pilot beta test. The brand was thrilled to have that be my challenge and the more I shared my overall vision, the more support I received. Once the campaign got under way, this video below will show you how I introduced the concept.

Honestly, it was quite an overwhelmingly positive response. So much so that I understood how much people really needed a sense of community in this new era of FOMO and depression. So, there was a series of meetings, in each meeting executing this concept became more stressful than the last. Between the time difference between my UK and NY handlers, and my own team… more and more cooks were getting busy in the kitchen. Last minute changes to the venue, culture clashes. It had everything you can think of that one day I’ll cover in a chapter in the autobiography of my life, lol. 

My goals were clear from the beginning:

  • Provide an atmosphere that is NOT like your typical Los Angeles experience. 

  • Provide an opportunity for genuine conversation and sense of community for the dream. chasers of the world. Not necessarily networking, but connecting.

  • Showcase my actual social value as an “Influencer”.

  • Provide an opportunity for Diversity and Inclusion.

This was the result:

I learned four important lessons I would like to share with you:

  1. Stick to your vision - In order for your vision to be realized you have to give people a strong sense of what it will look like and present your value where it’s nothing less than a win/win for all parties.

  2. People DO care about being a part of a Community - We wanted 150 RSVP’s. In one day we had 325. We capped it at 200. Around 175 came to the event… on a Friday night in Los Angeles. Not too shabby.

  3. Not all Influencers are superficial - It’s not about the free food, travel, clothes, or the money. At the end of the day using my online reputation was used to present a fun way for people to connect.  

  4. Always deliver an unexpected surprise - As a part of our campaign I wanted to present merchandise to sale and have free giveaways. Enter LUAS, limited gear for the culture. So, yes. I also launched a clothing line at the event. 

Live activations are happening more and more as people seek more live interactions. That is in fact the future of Influencer Marketing. I was able to prove that with this project. Let that be a lesson to all. Stick with your vision. Never relent. Contribute as much as you can. Success will always follow. 

If you would like to learn more about how we can work together, you can contact me directly or visit www.creativerootsla.com.

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