( showcase your hot bod ) awareness campaign

It's Saturday morning. A bit overcast but the weather is fair. In this moment, I’m rushing from my local post office, still processing one of the roughest weeks of my life. I quickly get ready for photoshoot with photographer, Sydney Jackson. It's a bit of a change of pace for me because I'm going to be taking some shirtless shots. This isn't typically a big deal for me when Ambar Januel (long-time creative partner) is behind the lens shooting me. But this time I would be shooting with someone new. Now, believe it or not I can get incredibly self-conscious when it comes to people taking photos of me. I can be fearless about most things but this is still something I'm still getting used to. So, with my dad bod and all I went out like a trooper to shoot with Syd. We came up with some slick shots to showcase the Varanno fashion brand. They have some badass mens jewelry pieces. After the shoot, I was sporting these pieces everywhere and everyone was in love with them. 

I must admit I felt a bit more liberated and much more comfortable being in front of the camera. Don't waste your time being self-conscious. Love yourself. Showcase that hot bod of yours. 

Varanno was founded in 2016 and located in Vancouver, Canada. Their jewelry/clothing is crafted exclusively with high quality materials made to last. Varanno is the fusion of West-Coast society, and Eastern culture. They are a movement with the hopes that their message echoes through the art of our designs. Use my special code: JJ15 for a special discount with any purchase you make at their store. 

What You Get: Use JJ15 for a discount on your purchases at Varanno