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I've been on a personal mission to visit the best coffee spots in Los Angeles. Those who have heard of this spur of the moment decision have supported me on my journey. I'm a digital nomad and my work doesn't require me to be beholden to any one place unless I so choose. So, why the hell not?

I first started with a simple online search for the best coffee spots in Los Angeles that evolved quickly into a long list of places to visit. I curated a master list from places listed in The LA Eater, Thrillist, Google Places, Yelp, and a few other outlets. From that list I cross-checked the names and if one spot came up more than once it made the cut. I selected a spot for each day. I visited a few more places not on my list too. When I began my journey I had fun discovering so many gems and meeting so many great people along the way.

With each place I visited, I was told of even more spots I never even heard of. People seemed delighted about this mission I had. It has nothing to do with the coffee brew and no I'm not obsessed with coffee. It has more to do with discovering new chill environments where I could enjoy myself alone or with company over a cup of coffee, get some work done, and cool ambience. I don't know if this is "Part I" of whatever because I'm still in the thick of this. But, here's what I have so far...

Bar9 - This is one of my favorite getaway spots. Tucked away in a Culver City neighborhood near my office. It's a fantastic spot to get work done. The staff is incredibly nice. Very chill atmosphere. A lot of open space. You even get to see how they make their coffee. It's all fresh.

Bar9-coffee-los angeles-cj johnson-cjjohnsonjr-4.jpg
Bar9-coffee-los angeles-cj johnson
Bar9-coffee-los angeles-cj johnson-cjjohnsonjr.jpg

Go Get 'Em Tiger - Great coffee choices. Food is just OK. This place is incredibly crowded all the time. Especially for brunch on the weekends. Not a lot of places to sit and chill inside so it can get crowded fast. It gets so busy that the service can be a little suspect. But, it's a cool spot to visit. If you want to get away and work for a little bit this is not the place. BUT, if you want to have a good time with your friends and cool vibes, I'd recommend this spot for sure. 

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Go Get Em Tiger-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson-los angeles-coffee-9.JPG
Go Get Em Tiger-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson-los angeles-coffee-4.jpg

Bardonna - The Bardonna is a small and can get a little uncomfortable on a hot day inside. But they have a big back patio that's a lot cooler and very chill. It's a great spot to meet up with a friend or get some work done. I saw a lot of college students there. More writers too. The staff was really nice and very funny. 

bardonna-coffee-los angeles-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson-2
bardonna-coffee-los angeles-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson
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Here's my first list of places and there will be many more forthcoming. If you have any recommendations or your own feedback about some of these places, hit up the comments section below and let the world know your thoughts. Until then to be continued...

The Republique - I have mixed feelings about places like The Republique. They're hugely popular which means there's always a wait to get a table, always crowded, and everything can get a bit pricey. But, dammit the food is good and so are the drinks. It's still a great place to grab a latte and get some work down. There's a lot of ambience and always an interesting story to hear and even more interesting people to meet.  

The Republique-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson-2.jpg
The Republique-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson-1.jpg
The Republique-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson-1-3.jpg

The Verve - This was a great spot to chill and get work done. I saw a few famous faces come in and out of the spot during my visit there. They also have a fantastic menu of tasty treats and refreshing drinks. There seemed to be quite a bit of writers here so this is a great spot to draft your next great screenplay. 

The Verve-West Hollywood-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson-2
The Verve-West Hollywood-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson

Milo & Olive - This cute spot on Wilshire has great food and a great coffee menu. Everything here was really classy and tasty. 

Milo and Olive-los angeles-cjjohnsonjr-cj johnson

More Gems (not pictured):

Blacktop Coffee - in the heart of the Arts District down town. This was an interesting spot to me. They had no wifi and the place is tiny so you'll end up sitting outside. But I guess that's what makes this spot so interesting. It's a great place if you just want to take a breather, catch up on some reading, or link up with a friend. 

Pie Hole Los Angeles - Another Arts District spot. This place DOES have wifi and you can never go wrong with pie! The staff was really cool and this was a very chill spot to hang out at.