( the majesty of the malibu hindu temple )


One of the many reasons why I love traveling and exploring is that I want to see every beautiful thing the world has to offer. My trek to the hidden gem of the Malibu Hindu Temple is no different. I was joined by photographer, Sydney Jackson and actor, Andre Boyer. The temple is off a beaten track, down a long dusty road. When we first drove up to it we were all blown away about how gorgeous this site was. We were at first a bit timid just to get out and stretch our legs.

As I approached the temple, I immediately took off my socks and shoes, taking in the space. I walked around, a flood of thoughts racing through my brain but only one word stuck out... peace. Wait. No. There were two words... peace... AND... hot. Everyone. It was seriously hot as hell outside this day. My skin was glowing from all the damn sweat. 

But, I digress... peace. When we actually entered the temple, I took in the smell of incense candles and the sounds of prayer chants. I respectfully took in the space and continued on my journey. I created this blog in part because I wanted to share ways you can clear your mind in a world that demands your constant attention. 

I visited this temple because there are still so many destinations in Los Angeles that I haven't seen. It doesn't matter how many hot spots, dives, secret spots I go to. There's always more. I used to make excuses of not having enough time until I eventually said f*8k it and made time. I challenge you to do the same in your community. Wherever you are right now, make it a point to visit some place new. A place that demands your respect and attention. Do it and go forth freely. 

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If you're interested in visiting the Malibu Hindu Temple be sure to be respectful upon your visit. Take your shoes off before you walk around. You're free to snap photos around the temple, just not in it.

Enjoy the journey and always remember to keep smiling. 

Disclaimer: If you have you have an interesting destination you would like for me to visit, please feel free to send me a message directly so we can talk about future collaboration opportunities.

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cj johnson-malibu hindu temple-best places to visit los angeles-los angeles-instagram-andre boyer
cj johnson-malibu hindu temple-world traveler
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