( design your own watch ) awareness campaign

It's one thing to wear a watch, it's another to design it yourself, and have it handmade by a team of specialists. Enter Tree Hut -- the San Francisco company consists of a 20-person team, dedicated to hand-making one-of-a-kind designs out of real wood. With Tree Hut I was able to design my own watch, choosing from a variety of options: Strap & Case Options, Dial Options, Dial Design Options, Second Hand Options, and the best part... a Personal Engraving. By the end of the experience, I felt pretty damn satisfied with myself. After all, I just designed my first friggin' watch!

The shipping was pretty quick, so it didn't take too long for me to receive my watch. When I first checked out my watch it was easy to see it was made with premium quality. I do know the Tree Hut team puts a lot of emphasis into how they craft the watches with a lot of attention to detail and it really showed. You can read more about their story and how they go about crafting their watches here.

If you want to design your own watch after reading this, just visit this link.

What You Get: 15% off all Tree Hut products (only good for 7/28-8/30/17) using exclusive discount code: J&J-17.

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