( venice vibes with life after denim ) awareness campaign

It's another beautiful day at Venice beach and the J+J squad hits the famous boardwalk for a photoshoot for one of my clients, life/after/denim. LAD is an awesome menswear line that my agency did influencer marketing and photography for. This shoot was a little bit of a change of pace because instead of me being behind the camera, I was in front of it!

This particular shoot is a great example of how I was able to showcase my voice as an influencer and a marketer at the same time. I even had fellow influencer (and my Project Manager at the time) Liam Brown hop in front of the camera as well. Liam and I both have a strong men's fashion following and with the combination of this, our creative content, and influencer marketing, brand awareness was spectacular for LAD. My J+J co-founder, Ambar Januel oversaw the shoot and frequent collaborator, Gilbert Pereda shot this campaign. It was great synergy. It's also a perfect example of how you can maximize your strengths to create something special. 

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