( personal essay ) you are doing great

“Every choice you made shaped you into who you are today. You did what you had to do to make it to where you are. Don’t lament or be a prisoner of the past. Let it be and look forward into your infinite future. You are doing so great. Every moment now is yours for the taking.”

People ask me all the time how I became a growing success story. I know most of the time people are hoping to hear a story of tragedy or humbling moment where I overcome adversity to claim my glory. For the most part that is true. But, one of the largest misconceptions out there is that all your problems get solved after you decide to overcome them. Untrue. If anything, things get challenging in a new way and you have to work on yourself every single day. Yes, I acquired skills that I’ve mastered (or should I say still mastering) and yes, it came from a lot of hard work. But, the massive shift did not come from a business move, hack, or cheat. It came from being honest and focusing on self-growth and asking myself questions that help me in my purpose. Then more continuous self-growth.

Listen. Self-growth is not about you being happy 24/7. Or keeping yourself busy with distractions to mute the pain... it’s looking inward and taking accountability of who you are and how you really feel. It’s not about how someone treated you poorly or something didn’t go the way you wanted. It’s about you and what you accept into your own life. If you’re unhappy then ask yourself... what would you need to do right now to make yourself happy? Ask yourself are you living in accordance to your beliefs? Are you surrounded by people that love you and inspire you? Do they know the real you? How are you best serving others? What can you do differently that you haven’t done before?

This process is tough. At times unbearable but it will bring you happiness and success. Just be honest with yourself and take accountability of your own life. You’ll do just fine. You are doing great.

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