Don’t be afraid of what can go wrong.

Be excited about what can go right.




My name is CJ Johnson. If you’re reading this that means you follow me on social media and wondering what I’m all about or you’re representing a company vetting me. So, let’s dive into what you ned to know about me. First and foremost, my singular purpose in life is to spread as much creative inspiration as I can. Everything I do serves that purpose of bringing joy and solutions to people who need them. I’m an Internet personality (that’s a thing?) with hundreds of thousands of followers because people from all around the world support me on my mission.

I’ve made a career for myself as a Brand Strategist — a “man behind the curtain”, establishing and re-vitalizing over 103 startups and Fortune 500 companies of all industries (with a focus on tech, fashion, travel, entertainment, health/fitness, and lifestyle) worldwide. When I’m not doing that I’m starring in collaborative campaigns, using my social influence to amplify messages all around the globe. I’ve been recognized for my contributions and authority in leadership, creativity, and social media marketing in countless publications like Huffington Post, Fast Company, Forbes, Vice, and more. I’m also a Google Next-Gen Policy Leader, advocating for social causes that include technology and education for the next generation in the United States. If I’ve piqued your curiosity, keep browsing. :)


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