DeAndre Bennett // D.C.

While I was back at home on the east coast, my sister coordinated some photoshoots for me. DeAndre Bennett was one of the models we selected from a casting call I posted on Model Mayhem. I loved his entire style. Our photoshoot was in downtown D.C. at Meridian Hill Park. It was a really cool spot with so much fantastic scenery. DeAndre was so much fun to shoot and had this amazing artistic style to the way he modeled. While we were shooting I had to tell him he reminded me of Corbin Bleu. He laughed, already hearing that for the millionth time. Then he added that he also hears... Jaden Smith and Jimi Hendrix. At the time I was like "Yeah, I can see that." But, after editing these pics all I can see now is the hybrid mix of Smith/Hendrix...LOL. 

Want to see more from DeAndre? Take a look at his site on the link above and you can also follow him on Instagram.

Photography Assistant: Ashley Johnson + @queenashash

Wardrobe: Sweater + Pants (Urban Outfitters) and Necklace (Clutchesherpearls). 

Just Between Us

Have you met the hilarious female comedic duo of Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin? When they're not tearing up the web with their Buzzfeed videos their starring in their YouTube web series, "Just Between Us". I caught up with the talented ladies in Silverlake and took some fun portraits. They came out rad! 

The Amazing Whitney Milam

In December, I was collaborating on a photo shoot with the amazing Whitney Milam (writer, producer) in Marina Del Rey. Whitney showed off her fashionable side with her green Fevrie outfit. She has a fantastic sleek look and I love how her gorgeous eyes pop through our images. If you haven't seen Whitney's work, check out the links below:

The Great Willie Sparks

As 2014 comes to a close, I wanted to share some more shots of frequent collaborator, Willie Sparks. We did some fantastic work together this year for his fashion blog, Sparks N Style. These shots were taken in Venice, California earlier this year, and we never got a chance to share them. I really loved the style Willie put together for this shoot. It's got a fun beachy look to it.

LA FAD Show + Networking

A few weeks ago, I attended the LA FAD Show presented by Gwen, The LA Girl. It was a fun event that gave Summer and I the chance to take the Buddytruk gang downtown. We hung out in downtown Los Angeles at the Fashion Art District. Earlier that week, we were at an entrepreneur mixer for the filming of a pilot for a potential reality television series. It's always great to "network" and meet new people. Sometimes I hear "networking" and I roll my eyes. I'm bored with that phrase and it sounds disingenuous. Can we call it something else?

If you're a professional in any field you should try to attend as many events as you can EVEN if it's not in your "wheelhouse". Not only do you get a chance to meet brand new people but, you also get a spark of great ideas, and real feedback from complete strangers. 

The Wonderful Ambar Januel

A while back I was shooting one of my favorite people around... thy lady, Ambar Januel. She is a woman of many talents... an artist, actress, world traveler, critical thinker... she's a tough one to keep up with. Check out her artwork on her website and be on the look out for more of her work showcased in Los Angeles.

For this shoot we had two looks with different styles. I really dig the pastel colors of Ambar's pink dress and the background. Gave it a little bit of a tropical, retro feel. With the second look, I was going for more of a "Vogue" style.

Writer’s Note: I would eventually fall in love with this special woman. We created a successful digital agency and home together. If you’re ever lucky enough to fall in love and find your soulmate. Cherish them with every piece of you.

Trunk Club + Movember

I'm a big supporter of Movember and men's health. When my buddy (and stylist) Judson Hill from Trunk Club invited me to a joint event they were having I had to go. So, me, and some of the Buddytruk peeps attended the event in Culver City. It was an all-around fun event and gave us a chance to show our support for Movember... with style. 

Interview // Creations LA

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Los Angeles, blog, Creations LA and talked a bit about my career and offered some tips to hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams. It was a fun interview that you might find pretttttttyyyyy, pretttttyyyyy... interesting. 

Check out the interview here.



I'm a HUGE fan of High Snobiety. Love the style. Love the content. Love it all. So, I signed up to their fashion photography community, and started using the hashtag, #SNOBSHOTS for my Instagram pics that were fashion related. A few hours later, one of my photos shows up on their Twitter feed to freaking promote #SNOBSHOTS. LOL. VERY COOL and how shall we say... random. Take a look at a screenshot I took of the Twitter post and check out a few shots from my previous Sparks N Style fashion shoots below. If you want to check out more #SNOBSHOTS you can just keep an eye out for new shots on my Instagram feed.


C.J. + Whitney Milam Present Geek Fall Fashion

I shot a cool fashion video with Whitney Milam of YouTube fame for "Geek & Sundry Vlogs". Our shoot was at YouTube's Play Del Rey studio. It was a great time! It's the first time I shot at that studio that's a convenient five minute drive away. It was surreal to experience the vibe at the YouTube studio. It reminded me of the good 'ol days of film school. A lot of energy. Creativity. Movement. Very fun stuff! There were plenty of recognizable faces shooting their own videos too. Imagine walking to class and Jennifer Lawrence passes by you and asks you if you studied for the quiz? Weird. Whitney was fun to shoot with and a true fan of science fiction. Even though I shot our video, I didn't end up editing it myself. Instead, Whitney showed off her editing skills and cut the video herself. She did a wonderful job creating a fun fashion video!

For more from Whitney Milam, visit:

Sparks N Style Featured on the VSCO Grid

VSCO has been selecting and featuring select shots from our Sparks N Style Blog lately which is incredibly awesome. Check out the gallery below to see the shots that have been featured and feel free to visit the links below:

Sparks N Style: Alexandra Nicole

Check out some more photos of Alexandra Nicole from a Sparks N Style photo shoot on the Santa Monica Pier. I love this section of the pier and I especially love the yellow fire hydrant and box you'll see in a few pictures I took on the pier. 

Model: Alexandra Nicole

Stylist: Willie Sparks //

Wardrobe Assistant: Elisa Cortez

Photography Assistants: Michael Powell and Courtney Cubertson

Wardrobe: Chanel (top), Armani Exchange (shorts), and H&M (shoes).